Guest Bee Porto – Your sweet home in Porto

About us

Who we are

Hello, we are Guest Bee Porto, a property management company for Local Accommodation, led by the vast experience of four professionals in the field.

Guest Bee was born in 2020, during the pandemic, with the will and determination to recover some Values that have been neglected in our city: the quality of services, both the cleaning of apartments and their presentation, and the communication with the guests, from the act of booking until their return home.

Our policy

Our policy requires and guarantees an excellent cleaning service, as well as the treatment given to the guest, in a close, personal and careful way. Thus, we avoid falling into the usual treatment given by most companies in the sector, which is very impersonal and standardised.

Porto is a city with an accent, which knows how to receive with its undefeated manner. We think that this genuineness that makes those who visit us fall in love is the key to believe in a close and familiar relationship with guests, so that they can truly embrace the journey.

Our focus

Our focus is, above all, on the excellence and uniqueness of the properties we manage, with an exclusive relationship with those who visit us, in order to boost rates and increase the volume of reservations.


We work passionately and seriously to reach the maximum status on the different booking platforms. Guest Bee is, and will always be, a differentiated company that privileges, above all, tailor-made tourism.


Our values move between 5 fundamental pillars: